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Economic Strengthening for the Very Poor (ES4VP)

How to Implement Cross-Sector Approaches to ES

Effectively targeting the ultra poor is one challenge. Even more important is providing the ultra poor products and services that are appropriate and effective. Just as poverty is complex, solutions to fighting it are equally complex and will require the collective knowledge and strength of the industry and its constituents. STEP UP will connect economic strengthening approaches with human services and social safety nets, establishing pathways out of poverty for individual households in coordination with programs and systems that build and sustain human capabilities. In order to achieve its vision, STEP UP will promote and facilitate three specific and targeted levels of collaboration and learning.

STEP UP will also facilitate collaboration and learning with the human services sector, in such areas as health, education, and sanitation. Development actors often work in isolation, even in large institutions whose work spans sectors and among service providers working in a single community.  Meeting multiple needs is key to moving the ultra poor out of poverty, so service providers must overcome barriers to collaboration[1] and better coordinate their activities to meet the ultra poor’s varied and changing needs.






[1] Barriers include single-sector donor funding structures, lack of opportunities to meet and collaborate in-person, few online resources, libraries, or discussion forums targeting multi-sector actors.