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Course: Results Measurement for Program Managers


Hilton Sukhumvit Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand
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Mar 30, 2015 (Mon) - Apr 1, 2015 (Wed),

There is an increasing demand for solid results measurement to assess the effectiveness of development aid and to improve program implementation. 

The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development has developed practical guidelines, based on proven good practice, to improve project performance and to enable you to communicate credible results. 

This course—exclusively for program managers—will introduce you to the key principles, practices and tips that will enable you to lead effective results measurement for management, learning and reporting in your program.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Outline a practical and credible monitoring and results measurement system for your program;
  2. Determine the resources--time, skills and money--needed for effective results measurement;
  3. Define appropriate organizational structures, processes, roles and responsibilities for results measurement;
  4. Establish the right incentives for staff to regularly monitor and report on results;
  5. Foster a culture of honest inquiry, learning and analysis in your program;
  6. Report clearly and credibly on results at all stages of program implementation;
  7. Enable staff and managers to use information on results to improve program implementation and maximize results.

Course Summary

Effective program monitoring and results measurement is needed to steer private sector development programs. It relies on a supportive organizational culture, appropriate incentives, a well thought through organizational structure, a suitable mix of skills and, above all, a successful driver. Experience has shown that management is perhaps the most significant factor in effective results measurement and compliance with the DCED Standard. This course focuses on equipping managers of private sector development programs with the practical skills, tools and lessons needed to ensure their organizations both measure results credibly and use that information to maximize impacts.

Course Participants

You are a team leader or senior manager in a private sector development program and you want to make use of results measurement for strategic learning and decision-making as well as effective reporting.

Please note that this is not a technical course on results measurement. This course focuses on the practical issues that managers face in fostering and using results measurement in their programs. For more technically focused courses, see the HPC and DCED websites.

More Details & Registration

Organized and conducted by Mielhbradt Consulting Ltd and Hans Posthumus Consultancy.

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