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Economic Strengthening for the Very Poor (ES4VP)

CGAP Ford Foundation's Graduation Program

The CGAP and Ford Foundation Graduation Program is an initiative, launched in 2006, to adapt and pilot BRAC’s CFPR/TUP model in eight countries. The graduation model consists of a pathway out of poverty for the ultra poor by sequencing social protection, livelihoods development and access to finance. It focuses on five building blocks: 1) targeting; 2) consumption support; 3) savings; 4) productive asset transfer; and 5) skills training and regular coaching.

Graduation refers to the move out of extreme poverty and into food security and sustainable livelihoods. Criteria that indicate people are ready to graduate are context-specific, but usually include measures of nutrition, stable and diversified incomes, increased assets, better access to healthcare and education, and improved self-confidence. 


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