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Brazil Network Strengthening Program Image

Brazil Network Strengthening Program

Brazil Network Strengthening Program

According to a recent report by the Brazilian Central Bank, demand for microcredit in Brazil is increasing, with an estimated 70 million people who could benefit. However, access to microfinance resources is scarce. The Brazil Network Strengthening Program seeks to prepare local microfinance associations to help meet this demand. The program was launched in São Paulo, Brazil, on May 22, 2012. The initiative is made possible through support by the Citi Foundation.


The program supports the strengthening of two important microfinance associations in the country: ABCRED – Associação Brasileira de Entidades Operadoras de Microcredito e Microfinanças and ABSCM – Associação Brasileira das Sociedades de Microcrédito.


The project's methodology is based on the model already successfully used by the SEEP Network during the Citi Network Strengthening Program, conducted between November 2007 and December 2010. The main goal of that program was to strengthen the operational, technical and financial capacities of 12 national and regional microfinance associations as a way of promoting the growth and development of the local microfinance sectors.

The Brazil Network Strengthening Program methodology is based on three mutually-reinforcing pillars: institutional strengthening through evaluation of the capacities of the associations and structured planning for their strategic alignment; technical support to provide improved services to members; and facilitation of knowledge and international best practices among associations. In addition to certain core activities, the program will be adapted to meet the specific needs of each association.

Project one-pager: Portuguese  |  English




ABCRED promotes the strengthening of microfinance institutions, developing technical services and activities among associates. It is a non-profit organization with associates in all Brazilian regions, all of them practicing productive microcredit under the guidance of credit agents. For more information, please visit www.abcred.org.br.


ABSCM – Brazilian Association of Microcredit Companies is a non-profit association without political or religious connections that aims to support Societies of Credit to Microentrepreneurs and Small-Sized Companies. For more information, please visit www.abscm.com.br.

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