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Economic Strengthening for the Very Poor (ES4VP)

BRAC's Graduation Pathway for the Ultra Poor

BRAC’s CFPR/TUP (Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction/Targeting the Ultra Poor) program consists of a well-defined sequence of activities designed to move the ultra poor beyond meeting immediate needs by social assistance programs to self-subsistence. The model consists of the following sequenced activities:

• Selection of the ultra poor

• Enterprise selection, training, and asset transfer

• Stipend as short-term income support

• Health support

• Social mobilization

Importantly, this graduation sequence, which is referred to as ‘pushing down’, is not the only strategy.  The CFPR/TUP model also addresses the socio-political constraints that keep the ultra poor voiceless and powerless through strengthening the social and political assets of the ultra poor. This systemic response is referred to a ‘pushing out’ the agenda.  

BRAC’s staged model of CFPR/TUP[1]

[1][1] Imran Matin, Munshi Sulaiman, and Mehnaz Rabbani (2008) Chronic Poverty Research Center Working Paper. Crafting a Graduation Pathway for the Ultra Poor: Lessons and Evidence from a BRAC programme.