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Meet the Practitioner with Guy Stuart

by on Mar 25, 2013  |  posted in Savings  |  1 Comment
  Please continue to leave your questions and comments in the comments section below. SEEP staff and Guy will continue to check and respond. Thanks for joining us for the live video interview with Guy Stuart, Executive Director of Microfinance Opportunities. Guy provided feedback on the recently released Savings as a Cornerstone, a report on the state of practice in savings mobilization for the poor in developing countries. Sharon D'Onofrio, Executive Director of SEEP, interviewed him on the current state of savings. MFO's focus is on Consumer Education and Research. On the Education side of its work MFO developed a set of core financial education curricula which includes a module on savings. The curricula have been used in direct training globally in 59 countries, reaching just under two million people, and incorporated into mass media campaigns reaching about 38 million people. In its Education work, MFO focuses on savings as an important part of money management. On the Research side MFO has conducted five Financial Diaries studies that document how low-income people save. MFO's Financial Capabilities Index is a participatory methodology that allows people to define what it means to be financially capable in their own context. The data consistently point to the role of savings in this definition. .    

1 Comment

Christine Baingana says:
Mar 03, 2013

We have been talking about a regulatory framework for savings groups and yet if we look at the environment in which these SGs are operating – developing countries, there is a danger of exposing the little savings these groups are putting together. Particularly, for government tax purposes or other local institution demanding proportions of these savings for other “good” social purposes. Should we advocating for regulatory framework? or we should equip these communities and provide awareness of market financial services and let them decide when to progress to the next level which operates under a regulatory framework for some countries.

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