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Putting Technology in the Hands of Savings Groups Members

by on Dec 15, 2016  |  posted in Financial Inclusion, Microfinance, Savings  |  0 Comments

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Technology is rapidly expanding into the Savings Groups sector. As it becomes increasingly cheaper and readily available, facilitating agencies are putting technology in the hands of group members themselves. The webinar's first presenter, Jorge Bolivar of Fundacion Inversion y Cooperacion, has developed the web-based application Qmobile to track group performance and aid facilitating agencies with program management. The application collects and analyzes information on group metrics, as well as economic and social indicators to monitor group progress. Even more important perhaps, the application allows group members to track their own performance within the group, as well as the performance of the group as a whole, enabling them to discuss in real time any challenges or options that might influence group decisions. Our second presenter, Paul Rippey of Savings Revolution, shared FSD Zambia's experience of making nine local-language videos available to groups. The videos cover group formation and functioning from A to Z, and also alert the groups to known pitfalls that mature groups often face. Experience has shown that the best training is done by a knowledgable person equipped with good training materials. FSD Zambia is using rigorously trained master trainers, but also making sure that the groups have access to all the materials so that they may consult over any issues that may arise in the group, and if they so chose, train new groups themselves. Both presenters discussed the technologies and shared preliminary experiences.

This webinar was hosted by SEEP's Savings-Led Working Group as a part of its "The Power of Savings Groups" webinar series.


Jorge Bolívar, Fundación I & C

Jorge BolívarJorge Bolívar is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the field of portfolio management, including ample experience in the development and management of quantitative models for the allocation of assets of financial institutions and possess strong technical and managerial skills. Mr. Bolivar posessed a degree in Mining Enginerring from Universidad Politécnica of Madrid) and has completed several courses in finance (ICADE). He has managed his own companies since 1987, has twenty-five years of graduate teaching experience in Spain and abroad, and is the founder of Expert Timing Systems, TechRules, Quipu Tecnología and the Bolivar family's non-profit company: Fundación I & C, INVERSION Y COOPERACION (I&C). I&C has specialized in and promoted financial incusion education since 2013 with the "Savings to Learn" project in Peru, Ecuador, and Guatemala.

Paul Rippey, Savings Revolution

Paul RippeyPaul Rippey is an independent consultant who has worked with Savings Groups since 2003. His support of SGs is part of a commitment to the worldwide movement towards decentralization and democratization. After spending two decades promoting microcredit, he realized that many poor people already have all the debt they need, and shifted his attention to promoting savings. He is co-founder and editor of Savings Revolution.org, and lives in Portland, Oregon.


Eloisa Devietti, Savings-Led Working Group

Eloisa DeviettiEloisa Devietti is co-facilitator of the SEEP Network’s Savings-Led Working Group. She is responsible for identifying and managing knowledge-sharing initiatives that enhance the visibility of savings-led methodologies and contribute to innovation. Most recently, she has collaborated on developing industry guidelines for program quality of Savings Groups. Eloisa also worked as Program Advisor at Oxfam America, where she managed program design and MEL processes. She has also been involved in research, focusing most extensively on savings groups in Central America.

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