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Equipping Development Practitioners to Support Economic Recovery in Crisis Environments

by on Mar 19, 2013  |  posted in Uncategorized  |  0 Comments
MERS training participants and trainers
On February 25 - 28, 2013, SEEP conducted two successful training sessions on the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards, Second Edition. Nine participants representing donors, international and local nonprofit organizations, and development and training practitioners attended the training sessions which included the 2-day General Practitioner Training and the follow-on 2-day Training of Certified Trainers. Participants gave high marks on the quality of the training in the evaluations. Over the course of three years, the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (MERS) were sponsored by SEEP and developed through the joint efforts of more than 60 agencies, with several hundred individuals contributing or providing feedback. The MERS represent a consensus across agencies engaged in economic recovery and development on what constitutes an effective and appropriate response to help disaster-affected populations gain fair access to viable economic opportunities, allowing them to regain their livelihoods and provide for themselves and their families with dignity. In order to ensure that the principles of longer-term economic recovery are employed in all emergency responses, SEEP has and will continue to promote improved practices in emergency response interventions during and after crises. This training course is a major component of that effort. Promoting and using the MERS will provide practitioners, regardless of their familiarity with economic recovery initiatives, with knowledge of the minimum requirements to ensure quality and accountability, along with the processes and procedures to implement good practices to support economic recovery in crisis environments. The first 2-day General Practitioner Training was a guided study of the MERS handbook. Participants were immersed in interactive, participatory, and dynamic learning sessions and games which helped them explore the definition of economic recovery for people affected by crisis, the need for MERS, and the major benefits of employing MERS. Building on the understanding of the structure of the MERS handbook and the major groups of standards within it, the participants then applied MERS in real-life cases for those affected by and recovering from crisis.
Future MERS trainers getting creative
Following the general practitioner training was the 2-day Training of Certified Trainers. With the aim to train and certify candidates to deliver the MERS 2-day general training course to fellow practitioners, the selected participants dived into sessions on different adult learning styles as well as the essential preparations for the effective delivery of the 2-day MERS training course. All of the participants practiced and delivered one part of the training, and were assessed on their working knowledge of MERS, their training delivery, and their ability to identify how to build on strengths and improve where required. We are very happy to announce the creation of the first cohort of MERS trainers who will soon offer training within their own organizations or beyond, in partnership with SEEP. In the evaluations, the participants gave high marks on both of the training sessions with three areas that received “100%”: 100% of participants indicated “the workshop objectives were mostly met or fully met”; 100% satisfaction on the course and 100% satisfaction with “the presentation and facilitation of the workshop” with “Good” and “Very Good”. We want to give our special thanks to our wonderful trainers, Tony Dines and Adam Clark, for a great job done! Following these trainings, SEEP is preparing to launch a series of MERS trainings around the world. Tentative places include Beirut, Lebanon; Dakar, Senegal; Nairobi, Kenya; Islamabad, Pakistan and Washington DC. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any interest, suggestions or stories for MERS. We would love to hear from you!

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