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Meet the Practitioner: Savings In Pakistan

by on Apr 3, 2013  |  posted in Savings  |  7 Comments

Meet the Practitioner: Savings in Pakistan from SEEP Network on Vimeo.

Thanks for joining us to hear Aban Haq, Chief Operating Officer of the Pakistan Microfinance Network and Jesse Fripp, Vice President of Shorebank International reflect on savings in Pakistan via video streaming. Over the past few years, PMN and SBI have teamed up to investigate small savings mobilization resulting in several important studies, “Mobilizing Savings from the Urban Poor in Pakistan” (2008), “Country-level Savings Assessment” (2008) and “Significance of Small Deposits for Microfinance Providers” (2010). Today Pakistan is considered one of the most dynamic savings environments for poor reporting growth in deposit mobilization. As of the last quarter of 2012,  the total value of deposits increased by 24% to reach PKR 25 billion. Regulation, technology, and strong advocacy and industry coordination have played a major role. Aban and Jesse reflected on recent experience and shared insights into the essential factors for successful deposit mobilization, talking to one another and answering questions from the audience. Please submit your questions in advance. You can submit your questions now on the blog, via our Facebook page, or on Twitter.


Juan Vega says:
Apr 04, 2013

Hola Jesse,
Excellent subject!
Did you find any link between financial education and savings?
What drivers did you find that motivated more people to save?
What was the key problem to solve to make saving mobilization massive?

David Myhre says:
Apr 04, 2013

Hi Aban & Jesse,
I’d be grateful if you could include in your comments today some discussion about deposit protection and prudential supervision. Do you have any information about how difficult and how costly it is to implement? Have their been any instances where there was fraud or failure and deposits were put at risk? How did the institution and/or the financial system react? Do you have any information whether or not deposit protection is important to savers?

Anna says:
Apr 04, 2013

Are there country or culture-specific factors in Pakistan that encourage the growth of savings? 2-1 savers versus borrowers is quite unusual.

Jeremiah Russ says:
Apr 04, 2013

Please comment on the success of savings versus the use of those savings in investment practices and positive gain.

Naghma Rashid says:
Apr 04, 2013

There is a need to find out how much saving is voluntary or mandatory & coming from micro finance clients. This will also truly reflect whether the saving products are for micro finance clients or are coming from other sources.

Naghma Rashid says:
Apr 04, 2013

There is need to look into the savings whether they are coming from micro finance clients or other sources. For MF clients we also need to see whether savings are mandatory or voluntary? This wll give a reflection of the right type of saving products for unbanked segment of population.

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