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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems

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Increasing the Resiliency of Vulnerable Populations through Index-Insurance Products

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This webinar was part of a series of learning events hosted by The SEEP Network’s Disaster Risk Reduction Program. In this series we explore innovative, client-centric models that contribute to recovery from disaster and building resilient markets.

Natural disasters, slow-onset crises, conflict and instability have spiked over several decades with 2.7 billion people affected and 1.3 trillion US dollars lost between 2000 and 2011 alone (UNISDR). Market system failure brought on by crises undermines the ability of individuals and their communities to prosper and create negative consequences for long-term growth. In order for markets to be more inclusive they also need to be more resilient. Resilient markets are those that have the capacity to learn, cope, adapt and transform in the face of shock and stresses, reducing the negative impact of crisis, increasing the efficacy and efficiency of recovery efforts, and increasing development impact and contribute to more inclusive financial systems.

This webinar focused on the use of index insurance programs as an innovative tool for building resiliency. Also known as parametric insurance, these programs enable governments, microfinance institutions and other organizations pooling risks of a vulnerable population to transfer some of their natural catastrophe exposure to the international insurance and capital markets. This webinar explored index insurance approaches used by MiCRO and Catholic Relief Services, in partnership with public and private sector partners, to promote the use of micro insurance products that have the ability to increase the resiliency of low income populations.

This webinar was hosted by SEEP's Disaster Risk Reduction Program.


Paula Pagniez, Senior Microinsurance Specialist and Vice President of Global Partnerships, Swiss Re

Paula PagniezPaula Pagniez serves as Senior Microinsurance Specialist in the Global Partnerships unit at Swiss Re, a global leader reinsurer. Before joining Swiss Re, Paula consulted in microfinance and international development for a number of well-known organizations including Planet Finance and Malaria No More. Prior, she held positions in the financial services and the public sector. Paula holds a Post-graduate Degree in Finance from Saint Andrew’s University in Argentina, and an Economist Degree from Universidad de Buenos Aires..

William Martin, Technical Advisor Cash and Markets - Humanitarian Response Department. Catholic Relief Services

William MartinWilliam Martin is a Specialist of economic and early recovery in highly challenging contexts, William is currently working as Technical Advisor–Cash and Markets for the Humanitarian Response Department at Catholic Relief Services. With more than 10 years of experience, his expertise includes cash, voucher and electronic transfers, livelihoods, food security, micro and macro finance programming.

Andrea Camargo, Regulation and Consumer Protection Director, Micro

Andrea CamargoAndrea is MiCRO’s Head of Regulatory Affairs and Consumer Protection for Central America since 2014. She is a Colombian qualified lawyer specialized in Insurance Law and International Economic Law, with an emphasis on development and human rights. Andrea has more than 17 years’ experience in insurance and 11 years’ experience in the microinsurance sector.

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