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Expanding the Landscape of Client Protection – ‘Smart’ Technical Assistance

by on Sep 19, 2013  |  posted in Client Protection  |  1 Comment
Through the 90+ Smart Assessments conducted by the Smart Campaign and its partners over the years, we have ‘diagnosed’ many gaps in client protection practices. These gaps are diverse given that the 7 Client Protection Principles are embedded into all aspects of an organization including human resources, product development, collections, IT etc.  Most organizations that we have worked with have expressed a genuine desire to bridge those gaps and improve the way they work with and treat their clients.  To improve, these institutions need to budget, plan, and sometimes even require external support from technical assistance providers to make the changes.   The whole process requires commitment and we applaud those institutions, some of whom we will feature in a series on client protection upgrading, which have made the changes. To help facilitate financial institutions that want to improve their practices, the Smart Campaign is planning to expand the landscape of those microfinance players that are oriented and engaged in client protection to include technical assistance providers. TA providers that help MFIs grow, become more efficient and improve policies, practices, and performance – are well equipped to help improve client protection practices.  Client protection could require writing new institutional policies such as a Code of Ethics, or developing a new staff training manual or even rethinking some basic product parameters.  These are all areas that TA providers can leverage their expertise in MFI operations to help bridge client protection gaps. In collaboration with SEEP, the Smart Campaign will conduct a one-day training on Monday, November 4th that is specifically designed to orient technical assistance providers to the work of the Smart Campaign and how to operationally improve their adherence to the client protection principles. With growing demand among investors, donors, and regulators for providers to meet certain standards of care in the treatment of their clients, the Campaign sees this training serving as a valuable opportunity for providers in technical assistance to enhance their work centered around client care. Participants in this training will simulate the creation of a proposal to improve the client complaint system of a sample institution. The participants will also learn about the Smart Campaign’s tools which are created for institutions to improve specific areas of practice after evaluating its current implementation of the client protection principles. We feel that this is a growing and important constituency for the Smart Campaign to help financial institutions develop and improve their implementation of client protection into their operations so they can be well-prepared to undergo Client Protection Certification missions and ultimately, better serve their clients. Early registration for this event ends on September 21st, in which participants are able to register at a lower rate. Learn more and register for this great training!

1 Comment

Larkin Excavations says:
Nov 11, 2013

Excellent idea…It’s really to see that you have to share such a helpful post.

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