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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems

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Launching ASPIRES Blog Mini-Series on Financial Inclusion: A Case for Orphans and Vulnerable Children >

It might seem a strange proposition at first: the idea that orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDs be directly involved in activities that seek to promote access to financial services. One might ask, “Shouldn’t …

Reflections on Recovery: Taking #MinRecov to the Great Lakes Region >

by on Nov 12, 2014  |  posted in Post-Disaster  |  0 Comments

My last direct contact with humanitarian aid work dates back to 1994, when I was eight years old. I went with my parents into one of the internal displacement (IDP) camps in Rwanda’s southern province …

Economic Strengthening Interventions and Adolescent Girls >

View & Download Presentation Here Adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable. Helping them to build assets and skills can give them more options to negotiate in their lives, importantly around the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and protection …

How Incorporating Child-Level M&E can Magnify Economic Development >

by on Sep 12, 2014  |  posted in Annual Conference, Youth  |  0 Comments

Economic development programs typically target adults as beneficiaries, and have tended to assume that the benefits they reap will naturally trickle down to the children in their households, leading to improvements in their wellbeing. However, …

Designing Loans for Youth: Lessons Learned from Market Research to Pilot >

View & Download Presentation Here According to the World Bank, the MENA region suffers from one of the highest rates of financial exclusion in the world. The situation in Morocco, where only 4.3% of adults have …

Including People with Disabilities in Economic Strengthening Initiatives >

by on Aug 18, 2014  |  posted in Ultra Poor, Vulnerable Populations  |  1 Comment

Download Transcript Here View & Download Presentation Here To end extreme poverty by 2030, it is critical that people with disabilities are included in all economic strengthening work. The 3rd installment in the "Towards Resilient Livelihoods for …

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