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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems

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What Do We Mean by Client Empowerment in Financial Inclusion and How Do We Do It? >

This blog post was originally published by Itad. We're pleased to share it with the SEEP Community. At the 2017 SEEP Annual Conference, I had the pleasure to facilitate a session with colleagues from the MasterCard …

4 Chances to Swallow Our Pride and Learn from Failure >

Discussing failure is difficult because it implies that someone didn’t do their job well. Too often, the discussion stops there. Yet, the complexity of our work means that forces beyond our control often influence the …

How Can We Create Pathways Out of Poverty through Market Systems Approaches? >

by on Oct 5, 2017  |  posted in Annual Conference  |  0 Comments

Many of the world’s food market systems start with small and inefficient rain-fed farms. Farmers in developing markets rarely use improved seeds, fertilizer, irrigation and other key inputs. Smallholder-based farming systems also suffer from poor …

Explaining Market-Based Crisis Programming to A 10-Year Old: We’re Getting There >

by on Sep 28, 2017  |  posted in Annual Conference  |  0 Comments

Yesterday, I was sitting with my three kids and great Uncle Mike, trying to answer the question, “so, what are you working on now?” As an internatoinal consultant in livelihoods and resilience in crisis, I …

Insights from Participatory Evaluation Processes: Adapting to Local Demands >

Your proposal was so scalable, it made USAID weep. Your logframe, so flawless it was exhibited at MoMA. Bono himself called to congratulate you on a “totally rockin’ independent baseline study”. But one year into …

How to Navigate Tensions between Nutrition and Agricultural Development >

by on Sep 27, 2017  |  posted in Annual Conference  |  0 Comments

Children and their mothers at a health clinic run by ACDI/VOCA’s Resiliency through Wealth, Agriculture, and Nutrition (RWANU) project in Uganda We know that nutrition affects a person’s productivity. With nearly one billion undernourished people worldwide, …

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