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A tweet deal: Highlights from the Making Cents conference

by on Sep 16, 2011  |  posted in Youth  |  0 Comments
Hundreds of live tweets poured in last week from Making Cents International's three-day Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference, covering everything from the 17-year old who invented Skype to how MTV can foster positive social change (maybe).  Here's a sampling of the opportunities, obstacles, and advice that grabbed the attention of the conference attendees and their smartphones.

Day 1

  • susarm Manpower: don't focus on creating incentives for youth to start businesses. Focus on finding youth that can succeed w/coaching #MkCentsConf
  • Microlinks Barbara Chilangwa of Campaign for Female Education at#mkcentsconf: Zambia drifted from skills based education, we need to empower #youth
  • rathimmani #MkCentsConf whats up with india and an increase in illiteracy last yr even with maintaining 10% appr econ growth????
  • Microlinks #Youth in #Palestine: 30% of pop, highly educated, 37% unemployment, eco not growing, youth trust lower#mkcentsconf
  • Dickens24 #Banks should analyze why there is fear amongst the rural#youths in taking Loans #Mkcentsconf & why they fail to pay for those who take [them]

Day 2

  • susarm "Think about youth not as future child soldiers but as future doctors, teachers, innovative farmers, peacebuilders."#MkCentsConf
  • IREXEducation Jeff Hoffman of #priceline: we, youth-serving orgs, are the ecosystem supporting the good ideas of #youth#MkCentsConf
  • susarm Skype was created by a 17-year-old from Denmark. Who knew? (and thanks!) #MkCentsConf #youth#MkCentsConf
  • GlobalAssetsNAF: #mkcentsconf Jeff Hoffman says youth need 1.commitment 2.Hard work 3.A supportive environment 4.Passion within (&passion from us) to succeed
  • niinaniemi I agree with Deputy administrator of USAID, it's crucial to listen to youth so "say nothing about them without them"#MkCentsConf
  • ShaynerBop Since girls can begin puberty as early as age 10, focusing youth development programs starting at age 15 is too late.#mkcentsconf
  • MakingCentsIntl Equity:"challenge with energy/electricity - we have a country with very few lights! Germany has more lights than all of Africa" #mkcentsconf
  • GlobalAssetsNAF #mkcentsconf @souktel using mobile phones in Palestine to allow youth to link to employment opportunities in real time.
  • meowtree Electricity and affordable broadband continue to be major obstacles to working with youth, ICTs, economic opportunities #mkcentsconf
  • DAIGlobal Day 2 at #MkCentsConf - Did u know a month of broadband in Kenya costs more than an average person's monthly salary? / cc @MakingCentsConf
  • IREXEducation 10% of #youth programs reach & retain girls, says @womensrefugeecommittee at #MkCentsConf
  •  TheSEEPNetwork Big lesson on youth financial services, Sri Lanka allows 7-year olds to open savings accounts -ChildFinance #YouthFinServWG#MKCentsConf
  • Maciej_Chmie #MkCentsConf How do young people save money in the developing world...unfortunately under the mattress is still the choice of account
  • emazursky Women's biggest obstacle is not think big in what they do b/c they think they have to do it all themselves. -Nell Merlino #mkcentsconf

Day 3

  • susarm Need to target ALL youth, says Bjarnason of @IFC_org. Can't afford to ignore any subset of youth. All hands on deck. #mkcentsconf
  • GlobalAssetsNAF #mkcentsconf @MicroSave market research in Indonesia indicated that youth would benefit more from savings than credit!
  • souktel @efefoundation @ #mkcentsconf, citing @theeconomist: If#youth are unemployed for 1 yr+, their chance of finding work drops dramatically
  • emazursky Check out @MTV 's "agentes de cambio" in LatinAmerica. 7500 #youth projects that make change & service a norm thruout region. #mkcentsconf
  • susarm @MTV's Young Amazing Lives brand highlights youth passion, drive.. & plenty of sexualization. Anyone else a bit conflicted? #mkcentsconf
  • susarm Panel: Involve youth in design of communications & programs targeting youth. Youth listen toyouth.#mkcentsconf
Missed the Making Cents conference, or want to connect with others interested in providing economic opportunities and financial services for youth? Join us in November at the SEEP Annual Conference, where we'll host workshops on formal and informal savings for young people as well as youth financial education. Hope to see you there!

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