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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems

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Sri Lanka >

Sri Lanka has experienced several youth uprisings in recent history. In 1971, after violent rebellions against the government, 10,000 insurgents, most of them teenagers, died in just two weeks. In 1983 more rioting took place. …

Environments >

Service providers interested in working with the youth market have to study not only their new client population, but also where their activities are taking place. Every locality has a distinct culture, economic reality, and set of …

Other Considerations in Partnerships >

Informal individual agreements: (FINCA Uganda) Individual agreements with local leaders can be informal, depending on the level of importance the organization attaches to a particular leader for the growth or success of a project. A structured …

Incentives to Encourage Partnerships >

As in other fields, the key to successful partnerships in youth financial services lies in ensuring mutual benefit to both sides. The financial organization and the new partner must both have a clear picture of …

Current and Potential Partners: Case Studies >

CASE A. (FINCA Uganda) Current Partnerships FINCA Uganda has close relationships or informal partnerships with local community leaders and opinion leaders. Involvement with these entities gives FINCA access to parents, guardians/mentors, and finally youth, both in and out of school. …

Incentives >

Most young people in developing countries have never entered a bank, much less dealt with financial products. How, then, do financial organizations recruit youth as clients? Financial institutions must motivate young people to get them interested …

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