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SEEP’s strength lies in its global reach, with members active in 160 countries.

Member Benefits

SEEP Member Benefits Package

SEEP is a collaborative learning network.

We support a dynamic community of dedicated professionals sharing approaches and mobilizing knowledge.

We value diversity of experience and perspectives, and provide multiple avenues for participation and exchange.

Industry Recognition & Visibility

Our global communications platform showcases the important work of our Members, elevating the profile of innovators, celebrating success, and sharing learning derived from practical experience.

  • Showcase your Work:
    • SEEP Website (80,000 visitors): The SEEP Blog shares member insights and perspectives. Our Calendar proudly features Member events. The SEEP Resource Center presents learning products developed in collaboration with Members and industry experts. SEEP's thematic Resource Libraries feature knowledge products by Members and specialists.  
    • SEEP Newsletters (15,000 recipients):  The SEEP Networker and Events Newsletter highlight recent developments and upcoming activities from the membership. 
    • Social Media (7,000 Twitter followers): Our active social community has a multiplier effect on critical Member news and events.
  • Recruit Qualified Professionals: Members may post job openings in our newsletters to attract qualified employees and technical experts
  • Recognition by your Peers: SEEP Member of the Year and Practitioner of the Year Awards honor outstanding contributions to our global learning community. 
  • Member-to-Member Connections: The SEEP Member Map supports effective networking among Members and the broader industry.
Leadership and Influence

SEEP Members play a leadership role in setting network priorities, developing common learning agendas, and forming a collective voice to influence in positive and impactful ways.

  • Lead Sessions and Shape the Learning Agenda:  SEEP member organizations provide thought leadership on critical issues and learning questions at our global conferences. SEEP Members are invited to propose and lead Peer Learning Sessions, creating a highly unique and valuable learning experience for fellow practitioners. Meet and network with practitioners from other leading development organizations from your region in a casual setting. 
  • Serve on an Advisory Committee: Member practitioners play an integral role as high-level advisors to SEEP global conferences and learning initiatives.
  • Participate in SEEP Governance:  SEEP Members may be nominated to serve a three-year renewable term on the Board of Directors, prividing strategic direction and valuable talent to the life of the network.
Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

SEEP provides opportunities and incentives for Member organizations to learn from one another, pool and leverage resources, experiment with new ideas, and disseminate and scale successful models. Members also work hand-in-hand with our strategic partners to draw from lessons and contribute experience to peer learning programs.

  • SEEP Working Groups:  SEEP Working Groups bring together practitioners to share knowledge, discuss priority themes and innovations. Members help form learning agendas, gather lessons and co-create tools and resources.
  • Practitioner Learning Groups (PLG):  SEEP Members contribute to thematic, field-based learning forums with fellow practitioners facing common challenges to share lessons learned and identify innovative solutions.
  • Facilitated Peer Exchange:  SEEP facilitates virtual and in-person exchanges for peers with similar challenges, programs, or interests to share knowledge and learn from the experiences of others.
Quality Learning Products and Industry Research

SEEP's learning initiatives have resulted in a vast array of well-recognized resources drawn from the collective experience of Members and specialists from the development community. Members are solicited to apply their expertise to a wide range of innovative learning products and platforms.

  • State of Practice Reports and Case Studies: We collaborate with our Members to identify gaps in knowledge, conduct research and gather evidence to accelerate learning and improve practice.
  • Industry Guidelines & Standards: SEEP Members and key industry actors collaborate to arrive at consensus around key definitions and measurements, forge program quality guidelines, and identify essential principles of good practice.
  • Practitioner Toolkits: Member organizations and sector experts collaborate to curate a portfolio of proven methods and emerging approaches.
  • Peer Review: Member and industry advisors review resources to ensure that our publications are relevant, clear, accurate, credible, original and actionable.
SEEP Global Conferences & Learning Events

SEEP invites Member organizations to play a leadership role in our global conferences and learning events, both in-person and virtual. Our learning agendas are Member-driven and push the frontiers of industry practice. Sponsoring Members benefit from heightened visibility and advantages.

  • Priority Access: SEEP Members benefit from significant discounts on SEEP global conferences and trainings, and are first in line to receive scholarships when available.
  • SEEP Annual Conference: Members participate in the Annual General Meeting, Board Elections, Lunch Presentations on SEEP Initiatives and Working Group meetings on Member Day. 
  • Host an In-person Event: Members are encouraged to tap into their local networks to host trainings, workshops and multi-stakeholder meetings pertaining to SEEP thematic areas and initiatives.
  • Lead a Webinar: Members are invited to propose topics and contribute to experiential online learning for industry practitioners eager to explore emerging and proven practice.  
  • Become an Event Partner: SEEP is organizer of the SEEP Annual Conference, Global Savings Groups Conference Series and the Women's Economic Empowerment Global Learning Forum. As conference partners, Members receive supplemental entitlements in the form of visibility and additional discounts on registration fees. 
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