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SEEP’s strength lies in its global reach, with members active in over 170 countries.

Member Benefits

SEEP is a global learning network. 

We seek to sustain a large, vibrant and engaged community of members.

We value diversity of experience and perspectives,

and provide multiple avenues for participation.

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Industry Recognition & Visibility

The SEEP Network represents the largest and most diverse network of its kind with representation in over 170 countries worldwide. During the past 30 years, our members have catalyzed lasting change through innovative strategies that promote inclusion, develop competitive markets, and enhance the livelihood potential of the worlds’ poor.

  • Showcase your Work: SEEP will liaise with your communications team to feature your organizational achievements on our global platform. 
    • SEEP Website (84,000+ users): Submit your blog posts, podcasts, announcements, resources, webinars, and events.  
    • SEEP Newsletters (12,000+ users):  Highlight your activities and achievements in the SEEP Networker and SEEP Events monthly newsletters. 
    • Social Media: We are happy to tweet your content and retweet your tweets, and post to our Facebook page.
    • Recruit Qualified Professionals: Post your job openings in the SEEP newsletter where you can be certain to attract qualified international development professionals.
  • Connections with External Audiences: Your organization benefits from SEEP’s long-term relationships with funders, academic and research entities, multilateral agencies, and other development stakeholders.
  • Recognition by your Peers: Opportunity to be nominated as “Member of the Year” for outstanding contribution to SEEP learning initiatives. 
  • Member-to-Member Connections: The SEEP Member Map and personalized introductions enable members to connect with fellow member organizations.
Leadership and Influence

SEEP members work together and with other stakeholders to mobilize knowledge and foster innovation, creating opportunities for meaningful collaboration and above all, for scaling impact. As a member of The SEEP Network you will have ample opportunity to take a leadership role in shaping our learning agendas and charting the course for new initiatives.

  • Host Networking Events:  Meet and network with practitioners from other leading development organizations from your region in a casual setting. 
  • Participate in SEEP Governance:  Your organization’s Official Representative to SEEP may run for a position on the board of directors, nominate candidates to serve on the board, and vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Share your Agenda:  Members spend Member Day at the SEEP Annual Conference in working meetings to identify shared priorities for the upcoming year.
Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

SEEP provides opportunities and incentives for member organizations to learn from one another, pool and leverage resources, experiment with new ideas, and disseminate and scale successful models. 

  • SEEP Working Groups:  SEEP working groups are global, bringing together international development practitioners interested in collaboratively exploring common issues and formulating innovative approaches to address systemic barriers and new opportunities.
  • Practitioner Learning Groups (PLG):  SEEP facilitates local, field-based learning forums to promote collaboration of peers facing similar challenges and to document and share with the global community.
  • Facilitated Peer Exchange:  SEEP facilitates virtual and in-person exchanges for peers with similar challenges, structure, or interests to share knowledge and learn from the lessons and experiences of others.
Quality Learning Products and Industry Research

SEEP's learning initiatives have resulted in a vast array of well-recognized resources drawn from the collective experience of members and the broader development community.

  • State of Practice Reports and Case Studies: SEEP raises the profile of innovators and documents major trends.
  • Industry Guidelines: Experience informs better practice through the adoption of common standards and principles.
  • Practitioner Toolkits: Knowledge is translated into practical and useful tools to support replication and scale.
SEEP Learning Events

As a SEEP member, your organization will have ample opportunity to participate actively in SEEP learning events, both in-person and virtual.

  • Priority Access: Significant discounts to SEEP events. 
  • Lead a Workshop or Participate in an Online Event:  Highlight the successful, innovative work your organization is doing in the field. 
  • Serve on an Advisory Committee: Provide strategic direction to initiatives and influence the event agenda while bringing visibility to your organization’s work.  
  • Become an Event Partner: Serve in a higher profile capacity with a customized package of entitlements. 
  • Volunteer for SEEP Field Events or the SEEP Annual Conference:  Volunteering provides an ideal opportunity for your organization’s young professionals to learn and engage. 
Consultancy & Technical Assistance for Microfinance Associations

SEEP provides members with preferential access to on-site and off-site consultancies, as well as training in essential areas of association performance.

  • Network Capacity Assessment Tool
  • Microfinance Association Planning 
  • Financial Performance Management 
  • Member Feedback and Needs Assessment 
  • Effective Governance
  • Responsible Finance
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Client Protection Market Diagnostic Tool: User Guide
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