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Association Services

SEEP is the leading provider of professional services, global standards, practical tools and peer learning events for microfinance associations.

For decades, our wealth of tools and expertise has helped associations accelerate their development, expand and improve their product and service offerings and contribute to industry-wide innovation. The unique advantage of our products and services is that they harness the collective knowledge of our membership  and still remain relevant to local needs.

Nearly half of SEEP’s global membership is made up of national and regional level microfinance associations.  Through Association Services, SEEP convenes the largest global community of microfinance associations (64 in total)  and plays a powerful role in advancing the industry by focusing on the growth and development of association leadership.  SEEP support to associations has spanned 14 years and has included several large multi-country initiatives including most recently the Citi Network Strengthening Program (2007-2010), an $11.2 million grant program supporting 8 microfinance associations, and the Responsible Finance through Local Leadership program (2012-2015), a $7.6 million program funded by The MasterCard Foundation for Sub-Saharan African associations. Other on-going programs include:

SEEP provides on-site and off-site consultancies and technical assistance, as well as training in the following essential areas of association performance:

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For more information about SEEP's association services, please contact Alison Yost.

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