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We believe in the power of enterprise to reduce global poverty.

Association Development

The Association Development Community of Practice convenes the largest global community of microfinance associations, representing over 4,000 financial service providers serving nearly 100,000 clients around the world. Microfinance institutions play a powerful role in advancing the industry, and developing their leadership is one of the most strategic investments that can be made in the sector.

This CoP is a global learning community of microfinance association professionals. Its purpose is to ensure that associations are representative and influential entities capable of advancingthe microfinance industry. As members of this global community, associations can accelerate their development, expand and improve their product and service offerings, and contribute to industry-wide innovation.  

Current Initiatives in this CoP        

The Social Performance Working Group for Networks seeks to disseminate best practices and industry standards on the social performance of microfinance institutions, through regional and in-country microfinance associations. 

The Network Strengthening for Client Protection is a joint-effort between SEEP and the Smart Campaign to build the capacity of microfinance networks to train their member microfinance institutions on client protection best practices. 

The Citi Regional Network Strengthening Program engages regional networks on strengthening the operation, technical, and financial capabilities of their member microfinance industries. 

The Gender Working Group is building an information clearinghouse for gender issues in microfianance and microenterprise development. This group is also developing regional tools to address local challenges of mainstreaming gender and financial inclusion. 

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