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Responsible Finance Program in Colombia Image

Responsible Finance Program in Colombia

Asomicrofinanzas’ Rural Colombia Field Visit

On September 4 and 5, 2014, Asomicrofinanzas led a field visit to the rural province of Nariño as part of a learning initiative to better develop a regulatory framework for the microfinance industry that reflects the social realities of Colombia. A group of 12 representatives from various high-level public and private organizations met with representatives from one of Asomicrofinanzas’ members, La Corporación Nariño Empresa y Fututo Contactar, which specializes in microcredit services. The group then travelled to meet with individual clients of Contactar in their homes in Pasto and Sandoná. They were able to visit agricultural project sites, attend community meetings, and gain insight on the potential impacts of regulatory changes on rural livelihoods. Thanks to support from the Citi Foundation (Citi Colombia) and The SEEP Network, this was the first time in Colombia that high-level public finance officials participated in a rural field visit.


Representatives got the chance to talk with microfinance clients in rural Colombia.


^ Representatives met with community groups to discuss how microfinance and microcredit can address agricultural needs.


                    ^  The visiting group had the opportunity to see how microcredit services are affecting rural livelihoods.


^ Public and private sector representatives talk with Contactar clients in rural Nariño.



The group was welcomed into the homes of Contactar clients to talk about their livelihood strategies.

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