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 Work plan 2012  |  Members  Asia Resources | Regional SPWG Events | Historical Information

Work plan 2012

In 2012 SPWG Asia has decided to focus on two areas: capacity building on social audits using CERISE’s SPI tool and promoting social performance with national regulators.

Microfinance associations in Asia chose to focus on social audits in order to be as prepared as possible before meeting with regulators and other stakeholders to promote social performance. The associations saw this as an important way to evaluate the state of practice on social performance in the region as well as to help MFIs take the first steps into integrating social performance management (SPM) into their operations and thereby moving the industry towards better SPM practices. Social audits are an important first step for MFIs to analyze their current actions on social performance and identify their strengths and areas in need of improvement.

The second area of focus for the group was chosen because there is a perceived need, particularly in some countries, for more advocacy work to be done on social performance in microfinance with the national regulators. Many regulators in the region have little understanding of what social performance is and why it is important for microfinance. SPWG Asia hopes to build positive relationships with national regulators in order to make them more aware of social performance and the critical role it plays in building strong and responsible microfinance sectors.

The main activities for 2012 can be found below:

  • Capacity building on social audits
    • Organize 4 day training for Asian networks on CERISE’s SPI tool (February 20-22, 2012)
    • Each network conducts 2 social audits on member MFIs (March – November 2012)
    • The results of the social audits will be consolidated into one regional report for Asia (December 2012)
  • Promoting social performance with national regulators
    • Encourage national regulators to attend the Inclusive Finance Forum in Shanghai, China (June 22, 2012)
    • Produce a baseline report on the current state of association engagement with regulators in the Asia region (September 2012)
  • Universal Standards of Social Performance Management (USSPM)
    • Collect feedback on the benchmarks for the USSPM (January – April 2012)


Regional Facilitator: Mehr Shah, SAMN

  • Afghanistan Microfinance Network (AMA)
  • Centre for Micro Finance - Nepal (CMF - Nepal)
  • China Association of Microfinance (CAM)
  • Credit and Development Forum (CDF)
  • Indonesia Microfinance Association (IMA)
  • Lanka Microfinance Practitioners' Association (LMFPA)
  • Microfinance Council of the Philippines, Inc. (MCPI)
  • China Microfinance Association
  • Microfinance EXPOSURE 
  • Microfinance Organizations Network of Pakistan (MON-PAK)
  • National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO)
  • Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN)
  • Sa-Dhan
  • South Asian Microfinance Network (SAMN)


SPWG Asia Resources

Regional SPWG Events

Training on CERISE’s social audit tool

On February 20 – 22, 2012, members of the Asia region of SEEP’s Social Performance Working Group for Associations met in Bangkok to participate in a training on CERISE’s Social Performance Indicators (SPI) tool, one the most widely used social audit tools in the industry today. CERISE conducted the training, and representatives from 12 national networks attended and had the chance to be certified on the tool.

Each network committed to completing social audits throughout the remainder of the year on two different MFI members. Following the training, the networks returned to their respective countries to conduct the audits. The results from the audits will be compiled into a regional report due at the end of the year.

Training and participation of the associations is made possible by support from SEEP, Plan International, CERISE, Oikocredit, Incofin, and Grameen Credit Agricole Microfinance Foundation. 

SPWG Asia Regional Meeting

In addition to the training, the members of SPWG Asia conducted their annual regional meeting February 22, 2012. Members of the group were able to discuss the 2012 regional work plan and upcoming activities as well as any pressing social performance related issues.

To view the minutes from the meetings, click here.


Historical Information


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