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Children, Youth, and Economic Strengthening (CYES)

Learning Agenda

Draft Workplan

The annual CYES working group meeting took place at the SEEP Conference in September, 2014, at which time members collaboratively worked to define the group’s scope and establish key learning priorities for the coming year. A follow-up survey was sent to CYES members and other development practitioners in October 2014 to confirm priority working group activities.

Goal:  As a learning platform, the SEEP CYES Working Group brings together a network of economic development practitioners and researchers dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children and youth by driving forward effective economic strengthening programming. Based on group discussions and survey results, CYES will prioritize the following three activities in 2015: creating technical/innovation briefs on key learning priorities identified by the group, identifying/developing and/or approving tools (i.e. for measuring child vulnerability), and engaging in learning dissemination and peer training.

Research methods and M&E

  • Impact of social protection on child-level outcomes
  • Integrating child-level impact monitoring in “indirect” ES interventions
  • Youth-led methods for M&E o Measuring child/youth vulnerability

Employability and skills development for adolescents (second largest intervention area listed in CYES survey) 

  • Social networks and social capital (with a focus on platforms for adolescent girls)
  • Promoting entrepreneurship among adolescents
  • entoring (scale, cost effectiveness, effective platforms, group mentoring)
  • Transition services, career services, apprenticeship

 In addition to the two learning priorities described above, CYES members expressed significant interest in savings groups for youth and agricultural/value chain development programs (for youth themselves and caregivers of vulnerable children/youth). For the first, CYES has hosted a first webinar entitled “Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Promoting Wellbeing through Community-Based Savings” which is part of a series on financial services for OVC populations. In addition, CYES will coordinate with SEEP’s Youth and Financial Services Working Group, to make sure that CYES members have access to events and resources on this topic and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

On the topic of agricultural and value chain development for youth, we would like to encourage those who want to explore this theme, to write to us with specific ideas for potential case studies or focused areas of interest.

Best Practices in Institutional Savings-Led Microfinance for OVC Populations: Technical Guidance Series

The SEEP Network in partnership with EPRI and in consultation with the CYES community and other stakeholders, will undertake desk research to gather and synthesize available evidence on institutional savings-led microfinance programs targeting OVC populations and youth in general, in order to generate actionable, user-friendly learning outputs that can inform future strategies of donors, practitioners and policymakers. 

While there is some promising experience and learning related to how institutional-savings products can be used to promote economic well being of OVC populations, there remain significant learning gaps. This project will address these gaps by summarizing the existing knowledge base in order to map the current state of practice, as well as identify the major challenges and outstanding learning questions.

Through a series of consultations with CYES community members, researchers and other stakeholders, and a through examination of existing evidence, the project will develop a set of polished technical learning outputs that provide actionable advice, tools, and information, which will be disseminated to relevant stakeholders.

We look forward to your engagement and input into this process and will  share more information about specific activities over the next month.

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