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A platform for collective action

About the Social Performance Working Group for Networks

Objectives | Structure | Global Events | Key Outcomes 

The Social Performance Working Group for Associations was formed in June 2009 and serves as a platform for collective action for national and regional microfinance associations worldwide. The group was originally formed by the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) and is now hosted by SEEP Network and jointly sponsored by SEEP and the SPTF.


The Social Performance Working Group for Associations is a working group that convenes microfinance associations from around the world to work on advancing social performance and social performance management with the associations and MFIs in each region. The three main objectives of the working group are:

  • Advance social performance management for associations and their members;
  • Promote peer exchange of learning across regions and among stakeholders;
  • Draw attention to emerging challenges and opportunities regarding social performance regionally and globally, from the practitioners' perspective.

Why social performance and associations? 

Associations are uniquely well –positioned to help usher the social goals of microfinance institutions into practice. As local, member-based organizations, associations have the in-depth knowledge necessary to design locally relevant social performance initiatives, as well as the ability to reach large numbers of practitioners. In addition, microfinance associations are well-positioned to develop a broad base of influence with industry stakeholders, including policymakers and investors. As representatives of the local microfinance sector, associations can advocate for an environment that embraces both social and financial performance objectives.



The working group is divided into five regions, each with its own Regional Facilitator who is either a CEO or a Social Performance Officer from a prominent network in the region.  

Regional Facilitators 2012

Africa: Davy Serge-Azakpame, African Microfinance Institutions Network

Asia: Zahra Khalid, Pakistan Microfinance Network

EECA: Ewa Bankowska, Microfinance Centre

LAC: Kenlor Howells, Red Centroamericana y del Caribe de Microfinanzas

MENA: Nancy Samy, Sanabel – The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries

Dividing the working group into regional sub-groups allows for a more structured intervention that better penetrates to the MFI level and allows each region to work on the topics that are of greatest interest to its members. Every year, each region develops a work plan based on the issues and themes that are most important to its members and carries out these activities throughout the year.


Global Events

Every year the regional sub-groups of SPWG come together at the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) Annual Meeting and the SEEP Annual Conference. These meetings provide an opportunity for the regional groups to engage in peer-learning on various social performance topics, provide updates on their work for the year, and plan for the execution of the activities in their work plans.


Global Meetings 2011

Global Meetings 2012

  • SPTF Annual Meeting – June 5 & 8, 2012 – Dead Sea, Jordan
  • SEEP Annual Conference – November 2012 – Arlington, Virginia

Key Outcomes


One of the main goals of the working group is to build the capacity of network professionals on the topic of social performance. In 2011, each regional sub-group held meetings and trainings on various social performance topics with association staff, MFI members and other industry stakeholders. The total amount of participation in these meetings across all of the regions can be seen below.

Total SPWG participation results by region


# events

# people trained/participated

















*From 7 events

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