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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems

About SEEP

SEEP is a global learning network. We support strategies that create new and better opportunities for vulnerable populations, especially women and the rural poor, to participate in markets and improve their quality of life.

Founded in 1985, SEEP was a pioneer in the microcredit movement and helped build the foundation of the financial inclusion efforts of today. In the last three decades our members have continued to serve as a testing ground for innovative strategies that promote inclusion, develop competitive markets, and enhance the livelihood potential of the worlds’ poor.

SEEP members are active in more than 170 countries worldwide. They work together and with other stakeholders to mobilize knowledge and foster innovation, creating opportunities for meaningful collaboration and, above all, for scaling impact.


Member Driven

SEEP members govern the network and their priorities and needs drive its agenda. 


SEEP fosters learning that results in collective breakthroughs and innovations in practice.


SEEP is dedicated to supporting proven market-based solutions that facilitate replication, scale, and sustainable impacts for the poor.


SEEP respects and engages all people and organizations, placing high value on diversity of experience and provides multiple avenues for participation.

SEEP’s strategic focus is driven by three goals:

  1. Improve the effectiveness of member organizations in advancing organizational learning and practice;
  2. Build and sustain a large, vibrant, and engaged learning community that delivers results for members and their constituencies; and
  3. Serve as leading practitioner voice in promoting inclusive markets and financial systems to increase participation and benefits to the poor.


Learn more about SEEP and its members here.
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