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The SEEP Network 
Annual Conference

October 1-3, 2018

Member Day: September 29, 2015

Member Day is free and open to all, both SEEP members and non-members. Register for Member Day at the same time that you register for the conference.

8:30 - 9:45 am

Breakfast and Registration

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Annual General Meeting

    • Board of Director Elections
    • Member Initiatives
    • Welcome New Members
    • Member Awards

12:00 pm

Lunch Begins

12:00  – 5:00 pm

Concurrent Meetings: Working Group and Member Initiatives
(see list of groups meeting below)

12:30 – 5:00 pm

Agricultural Finance Roundtable
hosted by Grameen Foundation
Invitation only

You can sign up to attend a working group meeting when you register for the conference. 

**You may attend more than one meeting 


Working Group and Member Initiatives

Purpose Statement

MaFI (The Market Facilitation Initiative)

The Market Facilitation Initiative (MaFI) focuses on the question of “how to become effective facilitators of inclusive market development initiatives.” In other words, the group’s focus is on how to create appropriate conditions -at the lowest costs and effort—for public and private market actors to make their systems work better to reduce poverty on a larger scale and more sustainably. View agenda here>> 

Savings-Led Financial Services Working Group (SLWG)

The Savings Led Financial Services Working Group (SLWG) brings together practitioners that support the development and expansion of Savings Groups as a mechanism to promote financial inclusion and other development objectives. Established in 2007, SEEP's SLWG was at the frontier of this new movement and helped set the stage for broad based industry coordination, the establishment of common definitions and methodological improvements. View agenda here>>

Children, Youth, and Economic Strengthening Network (CYES)

The CYES Network and Learning Platform was established to build a network of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of children through effective economic strengthening programming. The CYES Network and the Learning Platform aim to showcase innovations and learning, foster the creation of partnerships, and link CYES initiatives together to enhance the impact of investments made in promoting economic well being of vulnerable youth. View agenda here>>

Women's Economic Empowerment Working Group (WEE WG)

Women’s economic empowerment refers to a process by which women expand their ability to succeed and advance economically, and where they have the power to make and act on strategic life decisions in a context where this power was previously denied to them. The  goal of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Working Group (WEEWG) is to improve the ability of market systems and other inclusive economic development practitioners to facilitate inclusive, empowering and sustainable services to women across the globe. View agenda here>>


Individual meeting agendas coming soon!

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