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2011 Conference Presentations Image

The premier event for microenterprise development practitioners

2011 SEEP Annual Conference Presentations

These presentations are in PDF format but were originally PowerPoint presentations. See the conference agenda for more information on the sessions.


Track 1: Savings Groups

Savings Groups: Temporary Stepping Stones to Formal Finance? (Coming Soon)
Adding Development Activities to Savings Groups: Perspectives from the G.O.D.s
Lessons from the Integration of Market-Oriented Programming and Savings Groups
     Presentation 1 (Ben Fowler Consulting, Inc)
     Presentation 2 (CARE)
     Presentation 3 (Catholic Relief Services)
Micro Insurance for Savings Groups

Track 2: Formal Savings

The Elephant in the Room: Can We Build a Case for Microsavings?
Achieving Microsavings Success through Operational and Organizational Change
Financial Access at Birth (FAB): Can Financial Citizenship Start One Baby at a Time?
Formal and Informal Savings for Youth: Contextualizing an Appropriate Response

Track 3: Frontiers in Financial Services

The Future of Microfinance in the New Era of Technology-Enabled Alternative Delivery Channels
     Presentation 1 (PMN)
     Presentation 2 (SBI)
     Presentation 3 (SBI)
Microinsurance: Delivery Channels and Partnerships
     Presentation 1 (MicroEnsure) The video Richard Leftley presented at the workshop, "Distributing  Microinsurance", is available here.
     Presentation 2 (RFR)
Presentation 3 (Denis Garand & Associates)
Financial Education for Youth: From Start-up to Scale-up
     Presentation 1 (MFO)
     Presentation 2 (SEEP)
Presentation 3 (XacBank)
Audit and Governance - Use of Board of Directors' Internal Audit Guide (IAG)

Track 4: Vulnerable Populations

Why a Rising Tide Won't Lift All Boats: Understanding the Different Needs of the Extreme Poor to Develop Effective Graduation Programs
Reaching Vulnerable Households Through Value Chain Development
     Presentation 1 (PSNP Plus)
     Presentation 2 (World Vision)
Integrating Microfinance & Livelihoods: Plus Models that Make Business Sense                                                      Savings-Linked Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America

Track 5: Enterprise and Market Development Systems

Understanding, Influencing and Responding to Private Sector Motivations for Pro-Poor Impact in Bangladesh and East Africa
"Lock and Load" without the "Crash and Burn": Using Systems to Find the Most Effective Entry Points into a Value Chain
     Presentation 1 (Sound Systems Consulting)
     Presentation 2 (Practical Action)
Market System Facilitators Engaging with Corporates - Opportunities and Risks
     Presentation 1 (CARE)
     Presentation 2 (Practical Action)
     Presentation 3 (Sustainable Food Lab)
Models for Reaching Vulnerable Populations in Market Development Projects (coming soon)

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