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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems


Household Economic Strengthening Research Dialogues II


Washington, D.C., United States
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Oct 20, 2015 (Tue) - Oct 21, 2015 (Wed), 9:00am-5:30pm (US EDT)



SEEP is convening this workshop as an activity under the HES Research Dialogues Learning Initiative, funded by ASPIRES.  Building on the discussions from the first HES Research Dialogues Workshop held in November 2014, this workshop will  bring together researchers, practitioners, and funders to delve into the research methods and tools that are being used across a wide array of economic strengthening interventions and discuss how they can best be adapted or incorporated into efforts to generate HES-related evidence.

In recent years new  HES implementation strategies and evidence of their impacts have emerged, drawing interest from practitioners and researchers to re-examine the field’s scope, revisit terminology, and review the latest evidence and methods for establishing what works. While there is agreement that the HES approach seeks to improve the wellbeing and living conditions of individuals and households, there are a number of issues that remain unanswered regarding the scope of the field.  These issues include: 1) The targeting of households, families or individuals and how to define these terms; 2) Focus on vulnerability; 3) Inclusion of non-economic asset-building; and 4) Defining what is meant by direct versus indirect interventions.

The HES State of Practice papers (forthcoming)  and the first HES Research Dialogues workshop focused on developing a common definition for  the terms HES & OVC’s ,as well as examining the evidence based on specific HES intervention strategies such as cash transfers , savings services and skills development. A close examination of the results from these interventions is pointing towards the need to look at integrated approaches that bring together two or more of these interventions, as well as other strategies, to look at a pathway model for reducing vulnerability and building the resilience of OVC households.  The lessons from these pathway models in conjunction with the emerging evidence on current HES interventions can provide a strong base for articulating a research agenda that identifies some of the key gaps in our knowledge and evidence of how to create a comprehensive approach to improved socio-economic outcomes for OVC households.

Through discussion and dialogue, this workshop will be an opportunity to identify robust and effective research tools and approaches to support the design and implementation of HES programs for orphans and vulnerable children, share emerging findings in this area, and build an agenda to help researchers pinpoint areas where additional research is needed and will have the most impact on improving the well-being of OVC households.

For more information or to indicate your interest in attending, please contact Nisha Singh. 


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